Ashley Yeates

A licensed attorney in the State of Texas, Ashley combines the business practicalities of law with an artistic passion for design.

Established in 2002, Ashley is the President and Director of AYI & Associates and an allied member of American Society of Interior Designers. Leaving a West Texas upbringing behind, Ashley studied psychology and journalism in New York, Los Angeles, Miami  and London. The cultural experiences of her travels provided creative inspiration for AYI & Associates.

It was through the process of decorating her home, Ashley was encouraged to change professions.  A childhood love for “making things beautiful” and years of perfecting her environments had been overlooked as a natural talent. Ashley attributes the success of the company to a client focus:

“It was difficult being an outsider to the design profession.  I needed someone to guide me, not tell me what to do.  I also needed to complete the project in a matter of weeks.  It was no small task, but I knew it could be done.  Finding a designer willing to set aside ego, presumed time constraints and traditional client roles was the hardest part of the entire project.  The man I hired made the design process a joy and encouraged me to change professions. He claimed I had a natural eye for detail and a sophisticated sense of style.  I took his advice and have loved watching the company grow and expand over the last fifteen years.”  

As with the practice of law, successful interior design requires the knowledge of many specialties.  AYI & Associates recognizes the need to collaborate with experts. Ashley believes in the concept of “two heads are better than one” and the need for “one-stop shopping.” AYI & Associates offers clients the full package and the ability to pick and choose services based on project needs.