“As long-time clients, we have great respect for Ashley Yeates’ design expertise, professional reliability, savvy taste, and can-do personality. We have had the pleasure of watching her succeed on project after project. We look back in gratitude at our shared design adventures as time and money well spent.”


“It’s a tricky task to design rooms which have to perform double-duty as acoustically correct recording spaces, yet Ashley worked within these extreme constraints. The result is one-of-a-kind. The property has been utterly transformed from a run-of-the-mill fixer-upper into a stunning showcase – inside and out. Sometimes, people stop in the middle of the street just to stare at the building.”


“In assessing our design needs, aesthetic preferences and budget constraints, she listened thoughtfully and thoroughly. With astonishing speed — only a few days — she returned to us with a detailed design proposal that incorporated, even exceeded, all our requests while respecting our budget. The plan was laid out superbly with special attention to clear pricing of all items and all labor. Once we agreed to the plan, the project took off and was completed so quickly, we were — in a word — shocked.”


“Ashley is scrupulously clear about her design hours, provides detailed records and is happy to explain anything we ask. We enjoy easy communication about all aspects of design and always feel that Ashley defers to our choices without any ego-clinging to her own stylistic suggestions. Her primary concern is always client satisfaction, and she excels at flexible, innovative problem-solving.”


“In our many years decorating our homes, we had never experienced such speedy, precise, reliable workmanship as the workmanship she was able to coax out of the subcontractors. To our delight, the rooms turned out to be beautiful, even better than we had hoped. But best of all, the project remained within the budget — which is rare indeed.”


“Ashley Yeates of AYI & Associates has helped my wife’s and my dreams come true.  During a restricted time frame and budget, Ashley created a beautiful, comfortable and functional living environment. Within a three-week period Ashley coordinated subcontractors for floor, paint, electrical, glazing and plumbing while ordering furniture, rugs and curtains whereby allowing us to move into our new home.  As we completed the stages of our remodel and design, Ashley carefully pushed our esthetic taste, regularly reported on budget and kept our end goal in sight.  I am most appreciative that what was promised was provided.”


“In her years of design work on our behalf, Ashley has supervised many types of laborers: painters, carpenters, tile workers, installers, handymen, electricians, plumbers, furniture fabricators, and landscapers. She even supervises workers specializing in specialties we didn’t know existed. If our project has a need, Ashley somehow finds a way to fulfill it. She has a knack for finding the right craftspeople and she knows how to shepherd them toward exacting results. If there’s a glitch, Ashley’s there to manage it. Her rapport with people is well noted. Her interpersonal skills put her in a class above other excellent designers.”


“Ashley has exquisite taste, yet she is always budget minded, shopping at auctions, clearance events, even garage sales. It is amazing what her eye can unearth in the most unpromising of places! In fact, whenever possible, Ashley finds ways to integrate our already-owned items into her design plans. By now, she is more familiar with our storage units than we are; she’s scoured our odds and ends on many occasions looking for strategic pieces and accents among our long-forgotten belongings. The end result is always in keeping with our personal style, yet delightfully fresh.”